Let Fox Moving and Storage’s experienced warehousing staff handle all of your storage and distribution needs. We will receive your goods, inspect them, inventory them, store them, and deliver them. From product to furniture, and from equipment to supplies, our facility and staff is equipped to handle it all!

Are you a manufacturer, importer, exporter, wholesaler, or transport business looking for warehousing in Knoxville, TN? Then you have come to the right place. Let Fox Moving & Storage handle all of your Knoxville warehousing needs. We provide local, secure, and affordable solutions.


Reclaim Your Space – Outsourcing Warehousing

Are you using up your manufacturing floor space for storage? Is storing your inventory at your own location keeping you from expanding and capitalizing on new business opportunities? Outsourcing your warehouse needs solves all these problems. Call Fox Moving & Storage in Knoxville, TN to find out how we can help with storage, receiving, delivery and more!

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