Packing Tips

Here are a few general suggestions that will make packing easier:

  • Plan how you will pack. Pack items first that you don’t use often.
  • Start packing as soon as you find out you’re moving.
  • Never pack flammable items or non-allowable items.
  • Use generous amounts of paper inside the box on the top and bottom to provide good cushion.
  • List contents and room on the outside of the boxes.
  • Clearly mark “Fragile” on the outside of boxes.
  • Use clean packing paper. Old newspapers may work, but use them carefully because the ink may rub off onto your items. Fox Moving & Storage sells clean “packing” paper.
  • Write “Open First” on boxes containing essential items such as cooking utensils, toiletries, etc.
  • Separate breakables and non-breakables.
  • Pack all boxes tightly.
  • Use professional packing tape. Masking tape isn’t strong enough to support fully packed boxes. Fox Moving & Storage sells professional packing tape.



packing-tipsLay books flat in the box, alternating the spine and open side of the book. Place a piece of paper between books to prevent them sticking together. Because books are heavy, Fox Moving & Storage has a small book boxes to make them easier to carry.


Bottles are taped shut and wrapped in clean packing paper. For extra security, place bottles in a resealable, watertight bag before wrapping and placing in boxes.


Carefully wrap china in sheets of clean packing paper. Place packing paper in the bottom of a dish pack for cushioning. Wrap each piece individually then wrap up to three in a bundle with a double layer of paper. Place these bundled items in the box in a row on edge.

Surround each bundle with crushed paper, being careful to leave no unfilled spaces. Add two or three inches of crushed paper on top of the bundle to protect rims and make a level base for the next tier. Horizontal cardboard dividers can be helpful in keeping layers level. Smaller plates, saucers and shallow bowls can make up a second layer. Wrap and pack the same way as larger items.


Clothes are left on hangers and hung in special wardrobe boxes.


If possible, pack computers in their original boxes. As long as proper packing materials are used (bubble wrap, packing papers, foam sheeting, comforters/blankets, pillows, etc.), computers can be safely packed in sturdy boxes.


Handle lampshades by their wire frames only and place in a box lined with paper. Surround the shade with protective paper. Shades can be nested inside each other, as long as they are separated by paper. Fox Moving & Storage has boxes specially designed for packing lamp bases. These boxes are also good for golf clubs, floor lamps and garden tools.


Wrap the picture or mirror in a generous cushion of clean paper. Place in a flattened packing or telescoping box. Carefully tape and seal the box. Always stand glass, pictures and mirrors on their edge. Do not lay flat.


Pack shoes in their original shoebox, if possible, and place in a box. If shoeboxes are not available, individually wrap them to prevent abrasive damage.


Stemware is individually wrapped with protective paper inserted into the goblet and around the stem. Each goblet is cushioned by a thick wrapping and placed stem up in a specially tiered dish pack.


Soft goods like pillows and bedding are packed in lined boxes separated by layers of clean paper.


Wrap statuary and figurines with bubble wrap, then snuggly wrap with clean paper. If bubble wrap is not available, use clean paper to wrap the article until it is adequately cushioned.


If possible, pack electronics in their original boxes. As long as proper packing materials are used (bubble wrap, packing paper, foam sheeting, comforters/blankets, pillows, etc.), electronics can be safely packed in sturdy boxes.

  • Start by padding the bottom of the box with a generous amount of packing material.
  • Wrap electronic with paper and place in box.
  • Tightly pack padding around and on top of the unit to prevent damage.
  • Firmly seal the box.
  • Label the box as “Fragile – Top Load.”

NOTE: When you unpack your electronics, let them reach room temperature before plugging them in.

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