Student Moving

Prepping to move into a college dorm or first apartment? Fox Moving and Storage is here to help. Our team of expert, trained professionals will work to make your student move as easy as possible, so that you can focus on getting ready for school (or summer vacation!).

Who Needs Moving Help?

Whether you’re a local or if you’ve come from out of state to attend the University of Tennessee, just about everyone could benefit from professional help during move-in or move-out.

There are several challenges specific to a college move. First, it can be difficult to pack away all the necessities into a personal vehicle, especially if it’s a small one, resulting in the need for a moving truck or trailer. If you’re driving a long distance, multiple trips may not be an option.

Off-campus students with beds, tables, couches, and all sorts of furniture will fall into this category. Instead of putting down your car seats and bungee cording the trunk shut, consider how easy it would be to turn things over to a team of moving professionals.

Additionally, renting a truck alone won’t solve the problem of heavy lifting – if your parents aren’t able to assist or all your friends are moving at the same time, it can be hard to figure out how to get everything out of your dorm and back home for summer break. Instead of injuring yourself by trying to move heavy pieces and boxes of books, pick up the phone and get an estimate from Fox Moving and Storage.

Knoxville Student Moving Services

Locally owned Fox Moving and Storage knows Knoxville better than anybody. Our team of highly trained professionals has coordinated over 30,000 moves, and our affordable rates ensure that these services are accessible to everyone from homeowners to students. Let us do the heavy lifting while you focus on your studies. For a free quote, call 865-437-5555 today or complete the form below.